About the Church

Corinth Christian Church

     The Corinth Christian church was organized in 1896 and met at different locations until a building was built in and established on May 4, 1898.  Over the years the churches rich history has been done within families that still live in the area today.  While the church is still a country church it continues active ministry today.  We are a group of loving sincere Christians who are trying to live the Christian life.  We are open with the fact that we struggle and fail; we realize we are sinners who are forgiven by Jesus. 

     Our purpose as a church is to lead people into a daily relationship with Jesus. This begins that they would believe in Him, turn from their sin, confess Him and be immersed as the Bible teaches.  Our purpose is to proclaim this message of Jesus throughout the world and make disciples of all people groups.

     We believe the Bible is the actual Word of God it is our guide for how the church operates.  Each Sunday we try to do things that are taught in the scriptures that are pleasing to God in worship: studying the Bible, sharing in fellowship, communion and prayer.  We realize that there are lots of opinions but our goal is please Jesus by being faithful to what the Bible says.  Our members come from various church backgrounds but we all strive to be Christians only, realizing that we are not the only Christians.

     We are a loving church that doesn’t put much expectation on how people dress when they come to worship. Some of our members like to dress up, but most are casual.  We are striving to be a church where anyone who is sincerely seeking Jesus is welcome

Pastor Matt Higle

     I was raised in a Christian family and accepted Jesus as my Savior and was baptized when I was 9 years old.  I graduated from Johnson University in 1991 and was ordained as a minister of the gospel.  I started preaching after I graduated and have found in my years of ministry that God has truly blessed me.  In the last 6 years, and I have been thrilled to be apart of such a loving church.  My goal has been to be faithful to the Lord and preach the Word of God.  My hope has been to connect people to Jesus.  I strive not to focus on just one group or family in the church but to give each member the same loving care.

     We are just a country church surrounded by peanuts and cotton a very beautiful area and I feel we are a church that cares from the heart.  Thank you for taking the time to stop by our church page I hope you will stop by and see us.